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After 393 days in our care, Coffee Cake is FINALLY home!

At last, the day we’ve been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived! After 393 days in PAWS’ care, we are overjoyed to announce that Coffee Cake, our lovable canine with a heart of gold, has found a family to call her own. Her journey – from the streets, to the city shelter, to PAWS, and finally to a loving family – is a testament to the resilience, patience, and power of PAWS’ entire community.

Coffee Cake’s story began back in December 2022 when she was found as a stray, and a police officer brought her to the city shelter. From the moment PAWS staff laid eyes on her, we could sense her gentle nature and bright personality. Coffee Cake appeared a little different due to an old eye injury, but despite her looks, she brimmed with affection. We knew someone would see beyond the surface and love her unconditionally, but we never could have imagined that she would be a member of our shelter family for more than a year before it happened.


When dogs enter our care, PAWS aims to move them into foster homes while they wait to be adopted. Our nurturing foster families allow dogs to regain health, learn to trust, and develop socially – all things that help prepare them for adoption. Over the course of Coffee Cake’s stay, she spent time in 10 different fosters homes – some long-term, some weekend stays. Thanks to the support of her dedicated foster parents, we learned more and more about Coffee Cake’s personality and preferences – especially that she craved stability. We learned that Coffee Cake preferred a pet-free home in a quiet neighborhood, and that her owners would eventually need to get her into a comfortable routine that would build her confidence.

During her stays in our shelter, PAWS staff spent an exceptional amount of time working to provide her with the best care possible. Coffee Cake rejoiced in leisurely walks and outings, enjoyed enrichment activities, savored quality time in staff offices, and was routinely showered with individual attention and love from volunteers. In a way, she became PAWS’ unofficial spokesdog!

As the weeks passed, Coffee Cake’s resilience captured the attention of many, including the Hockey & Hounds podcast, a remarkable program run by Philadelphia Flyers Head Coach John Tortorella and Flyers Broadcast Network host Jason Myrtetus. Coffee Cake was featured in two episodes of Hockey & Hounds during the 2022-23 season, as well as in this season’s first episode. Through this program, Coffee Cake’s story reached far and wide, with Coach Tortorella himself regularly promoting her on-air.

The John and Christine Tortorella Family Foundation for Giving Back focuses on partnering with organizations that provide for neglected and abused animals. To further their mission and inspired by Coffee Cake, the Flyers solidified a partnership with PAWS to feature rescued animals each week – just like her – who are looking for loving homes.

As Coffee Cake’s tale gained momentum, so did the outpouring of support from the community. From heartfelt donations to offers of sharing her story, people rallied around Coffee Cake, determined for her to find the loving home she deserved. One particularly special moment in Coffee Cake’s journey occurred when she was invited to the Wells Fargo Center to greet Philadelphia Flyers’ players before practice. Her presence lit up the hockey team, and her charming personality shone brightly as she was featured by NBC Sports Philadelphia during their pre-game show.

Coffee Cake visits with Philadelphia Flyers teammates and Head Coach John Tortorella


Despite these efforts, Coffee Cake’s one-year anniversary at PAWS came and went during the 2023 holiday season. Then, finally, we received a promising inquiry from an interested couple. They had been following Coffee Cake’s story for months on social media but weren’t quite ready to adopt, after mourning the loss of a beloved pet. Their previous dog had a background similar to Coffee Cake’s, and it was clear these folks understood how to care for a dog with her needs.

After working closely with PAWS’ adoption team, the long-awaited day arrived for the potential adopters to meet Coffee Cake face-to-face. To our joy, they immediately connected and decided to formalize their bond! Sara Davidson, PAWS’ Foster & Adoption Coordinator, shares what it was like to watch their first meet-and-greet and work with the couple throughout the adoption process:

Coffee Cake’s adopters encompassed all the best parts of a great match: the perfect combination of experience, love, realistic expectations for a dog, plus a deep understanding of all the benefits that come with a bit of patience. Things that had been barriers for potential adopters in the past no longer mattered. Their level of engagement was remarkable. When they met Coffee Cake, it was love at first sight! They were ready for her, and it felt like fate brought them together.”

Coffee Cake now resides in Northumberland County, PA, where she spends her days exploring, playing, and snuggling up with her new family. PAWS maintains close contact with her adopters as they are collaboratively working to get Coffee Cake into a training program to ensure she truly excels in her new home. In the meantime, Coffee Cake has been thoroughly enjoying long walks, meeting new friends, and getting plenty of restful sleep.

Coffee Cake on adoption day with Sara Davidson and her wonderful adopters

Coffee Cake’s story is a beacon of hope, illustrating the transformative power of compassion, advocacy, and the unwavering dedication of PAWS staff members, foster parents, volunteers, and Philadelphia’s large community of animal lovers. As Coffee Cake embarks on her new chapter, our attention is also on the hundreds of animals in PAWS’ care who are still awaiting their happy endings. Our hope is that Coffee Cake’s story will inspire others to consider adopting or fostering an animal with PAWS.

To Coffee Cake’s new family: We extend our deepest gratitude for opening your hearts and home to her! Your love and commitment will undoubtedly make her tail wag with joy for years to come.

To our community of supporters who helped share Coffee Cake’s story: Please know that her adoption would not have been possible without your unwavering support. Thank you for continuing to ensure that PAWS has the resources we need to provide homeless animals like Coffee Cake the best possible chance at finding love.