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Houdi’s story makes top ten for People Magazine’s “world’s cutest rescue dog” contest

When this friendly pup was found in ACCT’s parking lot, he was matted, malnourished, and suffering from a painful hip injury. He got the surgery and care he needed with PAWS, and continued his recovery in a loving foster home with volunteer Jocelyn. She shared his journey with friends and family on Facebook, and that’s where he caught the eye of Pat and Brittany.

They had been struggling to grow their family, and after a couple years without success, decided to grow it with Houdi. He fit in immediately, joining them for daily walks, chasing after sticks, and “singing” to them when they got home from work. He was also a comfort when Pat and Brittany got the sad news that a new baby was unlikely to happen. “We were just so thankful at that point that we had Houdi, and he has brought so much happiness into our lives.” Little did they know that three weeks later, they would receive miraculous news: “I was pregnant, and now we’re a family of four! Houdi is the proud older brother of our 6 week old, Jack. We couldn’t be more proud of our family, and happy that he’s a part of it.”

When you take home a formerly homeless pet like Houdi, you change their life – and they also change yours! Find a family member of your own at phillypaws.org/adopt