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Jewel’s foster success story

This sweet and gentle granny dog was in need of some serious TLC when she was found on her own in West Philly. In addition to being mostly blind and covered in matted fur, an exam revealed that Jewel needed mammary and dental surgery. She received both procedures at PAWS, then went into foster care to heal. When she needed to move to a different home during her recovery, foster mom Nan (whose dog Toby was also from PAWS) was happy to take her in – she just didn’t know when she did that it would be for life!

“I had been planning on fostering Jewel for a few weeks, but there was one setback or another. Then Jewel found a forever home with the person who loves her most: Me! Because of COVID-19, this little lady has been with family all day, every day. No dog walkers coming by periodically, no prolonged periods of being home alone. There’s a never-ending supply of cuddles and baby talk, treats and admonishments. I thoroughly appreciate every moment we have together. Seeing her thrive has been one of my life’s greatest joys. There’s sass, sure, but that just means she feels at home and feels free to express herself without fear.”