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Why we strut: Lucy’s story

As the Mutt Strut approaches, we love hearing from supporters about what inspires them to get involved. Volunteer Jocelyn has been sharing adoption updates about her former foster dogs, and Lucy’s story was something special!

This tiny friend was found in West Philly with a painful leg fracture that had never healed properly, and was beyond the city shelter’s resources to treat. PAWS rescued Lucy to give her a fighting chance, and Jocelyn took her into foster care while we determined whether her leg could be saved. Just a couple weeks later, Lucy’s luck changed for the better when adopter Ann saw her on an NBC10 segment. “We were not at all in the market for a dog and yet, by the end of the short segment, I needed to find that dog!”

Still healing from the recent loss of their chihuahua Spunky, Ann and her husband Tom hadn’t been looking for a new companion, but something clicked when Lucy appeared on the screen. Ann’s next step was to track down Lucy and Jocelyn, since she hadn’t caught what rescue she was with. “To her credit, it took some investigating to find us since Lucy wasn’t posted as available for adoption yet due to her leg,” Jocelyn later wrote. “They contacted the news station and ACCT Philly which eventually led to a meet — and immediate love — but had to wait until we knew the outcome of her leg. We were keeping the news a secret until the entire family found out (a surprise to some — including Tom who was expecting her to arrive a few days later)! The sad news is that the splint did not work to heal the old fracture. The incredible news is that her parents will be trying surgery to repair it in hopes of saving the leg!”

The surgery was a success, and Lucy hasn’t looked back since. From Jocelyn: “Not only did they give her the gift of a forever home, but they also gifted her the chance to keep her leg by getting the surgery she needed to fix it. Now this little gal runs around her home either perched on her chair with a view of the backyard or buried in her pile of toys. She also gained a bird sibling, Sunny, who hangs with her even in her crate! Lucy continues to have facial expressions that make her family, friends and strangers smile. When I asked her mom what she would say about Lucy, she responded ‘Not as seen on TV…better. And louder. And cuter!’ Another amazing family I am lucky to stay in touch with…They have given sweet, silly, amazing Lucy the awesome home she needed and deserved!”

Lucy and hundreds of other animals have gotten the second chance they deserve thanks to PAWS’ amazing community of supporters. Join us at the PAWS Mutt Strut on October 26 to raise funds and awareness for homeless pets who are waiting for their happy ending.