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Marky: small but mighty!

PAWS rescued Marky and his family from the city shelter after they were found fending for themselves outside. As soon as we set eyes on this fragile 3 week old, we knew it was a miracle that he’d survived. Something was affecting his balance so severely that he could barely walk, and even standing still, he wobbled like the ground beneath him was shaking.

While some developmental issues can have an effect on balance, Marky’s symptoms were so severe that our vet team feared a potentially life-threatening neurological issue or infection. We prescribed him antibiotics in the hope that his symptoms could be improved with medication, but otherwise had to take a “wait and see” approach. When he successfully walked from point A to point B after a few days of treatment, we knew he was stable enough to place in a foster home!

With time and care, Marky continued to improve, and we were soon able to diagnose him with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a condition some cats are born with when the part of the brain responsible for balance is underdeveloped. While he’ll will always be unsteady on his feet, he’s still able to to enjoy life like any kitten his age.

“Playing looks a bit different for Marky than the other kittens,” says foster mom Ashtyn. “Since he has mobility issues, he’s very wobbly and is slower to pounce than his siblings. But that doesn’t stop him from playing with his siblings (even if he is mostly on the losing side) or playing with me! He eats, drinks, sleeps, and uses the litter box the same as his siblings, he’s just a little wobbly on his feet!”

Now a robust 8 weeks old, Marky already has a forever home lined up and a lifetime of love and happiness to look forward to!