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Sarah and Kyle help each other heal in foster care

Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese were found as strays in completely different areas, but they’ve been inseparable ever since their journeys lead them to each other. Now they’re looking for a forever home where they’ll never have to be apart!

Sarah came to us with under-developed, non-functional eyes that were causing painful chronic infections. She was much more comfortable once her eyes were removed and she was able to recover in foster care. In time, she was exploring, running, and playing like any other kitten, thanks in large part to the other cats in the home – especially Kyle. Although her loving and adventurous personality made it easy to make feline friends, her bond with Kyle is something special!

When Kyle was found outside, he was just 3 months old and so scared of people that he spent all his time in hiding. He finally started to come out of his shell thanks to his foster brother, but it was Sarah who made him the friendly cat he is today! Now this sweet and silly pair does everything together, whether they’re wrestling, playing tag, or snuggling up for bath time.

Sarah and Kyle have been inseparable since they first met, and are in search of a forever home where they can stay together. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind duo who will always make you smile, you’ve got to meet Sarah and Kyle! Learn more about them here.