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Seamus: “he’s the light of our lives and we love him so much.”

After losing the only home he’d known, this sweet grandpa got a second chance at love in his golden years! Seamus found himself at the city shelter after his elderly owner moved to an assisted living facility. He was partially blind, very anxious, and suffering from several senior ailments including a severe case of dental disease. Seamus was rescued by PAWS, where he received comprehensive medical care, dental surgery to remove his painful teeth – and eventually, an adoption application from Daniel and Emma! They’d fallen for his sweet face online, and were excited to give him a home where he’d be cherished and loved in his golden years. Daniel’s recent adoption update makes it clear that Seamus has transformed their lives just as much as they’ve transformed his!

“We’ve both said that adopting Seamus is the best decision we’ve ever made, individually and as a couple. To be able to provide a safe, quiet home where he is our main priority has been enriching in ways I could not have anticipated. Watching his personality bloom has been amazing to see. He has taken to our home very quickly. He’s very comfortable here. He sleeps on his own pillow right between our heads. Emma and I are still learning how to respect Seamus’ boundaries. He is a very anxious boy. But it is so rewarding each time we make a breakthrough discovery, even as simple as learning how to put his paws through his sweater without him getting upset.”

“My own main takeaway from this experience is that I will most likely adopt rescue dogs for the rest of my adult life. PAWS did such a good job of setting us up for success. Seamus came to us fully treated by multiple vets. PAWS has the infrastructure to support new pet parents and seasoned veterans as well… I encourage anyone considering adoption to go into it with the understanding there will be some frustrations, however, those will pale in comparison to the amazing pure love that only our furry friends are capable of giving us. I thank PAWS for giving us the most amazing companion. He’s the light of our lives and we love him so much.”