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With Love and Dedication, Angel is a Whole New Cat

The shelter can be an intimidating place for many animals when they first arrive. The unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells can sometimes cause even the sweetest cat or dog to act defensive and nervous with people. Usually, these animals simply need some time to adjust, but sometimes, they need something more.

Angel was brought to ACCT Philly last spring when her owner could no longer keep her. Although she had bonded with the other cats in her home, she had never been properly socialized and still had a long way to go with people: she hissed and swatted at anyone who approached her, even after being rescued and moved to her own room at our Northeast adoption center. After several months without any progress, Angel found her champion in volunteer Doris, who decided that Angel was the perfect candidate for The Jackson Galaxy Project’s Cat Pawsitive training program!

“Every weekend I would go in for the time Angel allowed me. I started by letting her sniff my glasses to get my scent, then creating a positive association through food and treats. I let her move at her pace. I got hissed and swatted at a few times but kept persistent with her. One day while she was eating and keeping it positive I tried to pet her, and since then I was able to start petting her a little bit more. The rest is history.”

After months of hard work, Angel has blossomed into a happy, affectionate companion. We’re thrilled to share that she’s also found her forever home – with Doris, of course! We are so grateful to Doris for believing in this little cat and never giving up.