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Small Animals for Adoption

Animals at the Old City Adoption Center

Reign and Penny

Sweet and sassy sisters Penny and Reign are in search of their forever home. Older sister Penny (5 years, more brown) is the boss in this duo while Reign (1 year, more white) is happy to let her lead. Penny is food motivated and is always first to greet you at the door in search of yummy snacks. She also enjoys a nice head scratch while eating. Reign is more reserved and needs to make sure the coast is clear before venturing out and enjoying her meal. Both piggies are a bit shy at first, but after some time to settle in, some routine and some patience while they build trust, they will be happily greeting you at their cage door.

Age:1 Year Old and 5 Years Old

How I came to PAWS: Owner Surrender

Animal ID#: A56006 and A56007

Meet me at: PAWS Old City Adoption Center, 100 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106​

Email adoptions@phillypaws.org or call 215-238-9901 ext.30 for more information

Our Old City Adoption Center prioritizes appointments made by already approved applicants, but we can accommodate browsers and walk-ins if and as our capacity allows. To ensure your best experience and best chance at meeting your new furry family member, we recommend completing the application ahead of your visit! 

Adopt Reign and Penny!

Animals in Foster Care

David Bowie and Iggy Pop

David Bowie (mostly white with longer fur) and Iggy Pop (tri-color brown) are a bonded male piggy pair looking for a new home! They absolutely love their morning and evening veggies, running laps and popcorning and wheeking their hearts out when it’s time for snacks! They can get skittish when it comes to being picked up, but once they’re in your lap they’ll just chill with you. Throughout the day you’ll find the two of them chasing each other and wheeking as they play, it’s very cute and they are clearly very happy boys! In the few weeks they’re been in their foster home they have settled in nicely, but could still benefit from getting used to human handling.

Age: 1 Year Old

How I came to PAWS: Found Stray

Animal ID #: A56324 and A56325

I am currently in foster care! Please email adoptions@phillypaws.org for more information!

Adopt David and Iggy

Mars and Twig

Meet Mars (white & gray) and Twig (calico)! These boys are two sweets you won’t be able to resist! Mars is a loud and rambunctious guy who loves interior decorating. It might look like he’s just chaotically knocking stuff over, but he swears it’s good design! Twig is more reserved, preferring to chill in his house until he thinks he’s about to get fed.

These two buddies love some leafy greens, especially spinach and lettuce! They are a bit skittish, but do well with being held once you have them. They enjoy nose rubs and are quite happy to eat out of your hand! Adopt these boys and they will quickly settle in and learn to love their new human companions, just so long as you keep pampering them in the way they’ve become accustomed!

Age: ~10 Months Old

How I came to PAWS: Owner Surrender

Animal ID: A56366 and A56367

I am currently in foster care! Please email josh.dawson7590@gmail.com for more information!

Adopt Mars and Twig

Bon Jovi

Are you ready to rock with Jon Bon Jovi?!
Under the care of his foster parent over the last month, Mr Jon Bon Jovi has gone from shy and quiet to living up to his name and becoming a bonafide rock star…well, almost.
Bon Jovi still very much prefers the safety of a dark and hidden corner, often snuggling himself into and under his blankets, but he seems to have grown to enjoy the occasional interaction with his human…especially when snacks are involved. He’s gotten comfortable accepting handheld treats from inside his cage and even whilst being held. He’s also had the chance to interact with several different people and while he generally always has his eyes on the nearest exit, he does accept being handled by others for short periods of time.
His interactions with other piggies is less clear. He was found as a stray with 2 of his brothers and while in the PAWS system, it seemed like he started exhibiting some dominant and slightly “nibbly” behavior towards the other 2 males in the cage. However, given how well he’s adjusted to getting socialized with humans and the huge strides he’s made in exhibiting more of his personality, I am confident he would thrive with other piggies (pending slow introductions).
His cheeky personality, beautiful coat and fondness for treats will make him a lovely addition to your home!

Age: ~1 Year Old

How I came to PAWS: Found Stray

Animal ID: A56326

I am currently in foster care! Please email anva91@yahoo.com for more information!

Adopt Jon Bon Jovi!

Acorn and Sesame!

Who says you can’t enjoy fall vibes year round? Acorn and Sesame are a pumpkin spicy duo ready for their next adventure. Acorn (brown and white) is the more quirky and curious type, while Sesame (black and white) is the voice of reason. They’re a dynamic duo of brothers, and while they may occasionally squabble over little things, like who gets the first sip of the water bottle, they really make a terrific team!

Age: ~2 Years Old

How I came to PAWS: Found Stray

Animal ID: 55173 and 55172

I am currently in foster care! Please email owtowler@gmail.com for more information!

Adopt Acorn and Sesame!

Adoption Fee & Process

  • The adoption fee for one small animal is $25 plus tax! 
  • All small animals have been seen by PAWS’ veterinary team and are housed in foster care or at our Old City Adoption Center (100 N. 2nd St, Phila, PA 19106).

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