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PAWS was founded in 2005 as a small volunteer group with a dream to make Philadelphia a no-kill city where every healthy and treatable pet is guaranteed a home. We have made incredible strides thanks to caring supporters who get involved however they can, whether adopting, fostering, making contributions of time or funds, and so much more. Join our mission and start saving lives!

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Looking for kittens? Meet PAWS’ best kept secrets! Tucked away in our ringworm ward, these affectionate kittens are some of our friendliest residents, but they keep being overlooked due to their ringworm-positive status. They’re desperately hoping to leave the shelter, and would love to finish their treatment with a foster or adopter like you (yes, every one of them is available for adoption)!

While ringworm is a simple fungal infection of the skin, animals who’ve tested positive are at high risk of euthanasia when the city shelter becomes full due to the time-intensive nature of their treatment. By fostering or adopting a cat or kitten from PAWS’ ringworm ward, you’ll be changing their lives AND opening a space for us to save those who are still at-risk!

To foster or adopt one of our adorable fungal felines, email foster@phillypaws.org with the subject “ringworm kittens”!⁠⁠⁠⁠

Some ringworm fast facts:⁠⁠ ⁠⁠
🔹 It’s not a worm — it’s a fungal infection of the skin that usually shows up as small patches of hair loss in pets⁠⁠. ⁠⁠
🔹 It’s a mild infection, but contagious to people and pets, so a separate room for fosters is the best way to prevent it from spreading during treatment.
🔹 It usually takes 4-8 weeks to clear up (and many of these babies are already a few weeks into their treatment)! ⁠
🔹 We have twice weekly “dip days” at our Grays Ferry clinics for ringworm fosters/adopters to drop their kitties off for medicated baths — no need to do it at home!

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Meet PAWS’ July foster spotlight, Colleen Quigley! Colleen has been a committed cat lover for years, and began her foster journey with ACCT in the summer of 2019 and with PAWS in 2020. She is currently fostering French Fry, a friendly senior looking for love in her golden years, and Dior, a friendly young cat who is living it up with her feline roomies until she can be reunited with her owner through PAWS` Safety Net Program.

Opening up her home to fostering furry friends has been a lingering thought for years for Colleen, and since doing so, she’s absolutely loved the relationships she’s built with the pets she’s cared for over the years. “I was always afraid I wouldn`t be able to part with any of them,” says Colleen, “I actually surprised myself by learning pretty quickly to be strong enough to let them go, and adapting to the mindset that they were adopted by wonderful people, and living a happy life loved, safe, and warm in their new homes.”

While saying so long to a foster pet can be bittersweet, nothing beats the moment you get to send them home with their new family, knowing you`ve prepared them for the next stage of their life! Another sweet moment is, “The joy of hearing how they`re doing and getting pictures after they`ve gone to their homes, and the progress they make adapting and loving their new person or persons, is why I love doing it and hope to continue to for as long as I`m able to in my home.”

Foster parents like Colleen change lives every day by helping pets transition into homes while recovering from medical issues or big life transitions. We are incredibly grateful to Colleen and all of our fosters for devoting so much time, care, and love towards the pets who most need it!

Ready to transform lives and become a PAWS foster parent? Sign up today at our link in bio!

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Summer colds are no fun, and these sweet families are looking for foster homes where they can get healthy again! Young kittens have especially fragile immune systems, and shelter stress can quickly make a case of the sniffles turn into a dangerous illness. Mama cats Candy (calico) and Mathlete (black) are doing their best to care for their little ones, but they’ll recover much faster in a stress-free home environment!

The city shelter has three rooms of kitten litters in need of rescue, and our ability to save them is directly tied to the number of fosters available to care for them. Moms and babies have been having an especially difficult time finding foster homes, so if you’d like to help an adorable family in need (and enjoy lots of kitten snuggles while you’re at it), please email foster@phillypaws.org today!

Fostering is a temporary commitment lasting a few weeks to a few months, and PAWS can match you with a pet based on your schedule and experience. We’ll provide all medical care and checkups, plenty of guidance, and even food and supplies if you need them!

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Brave Little Toaster was a brave little trooper for his bath! 🛁 This wiggly little guy came to us with some itchy skin due allergies, so we treated him to a spa day to help him feel more comfortable. He was skeptical about the bath part, but LOVED the treats and towel snuggles🥰

This very sweet 2 year old is ready to shine in foster care would be thrilled to leave the shelter for a temporary home with you! PAWS’ kennels are filling up with pups as we work to ease the pressure at @acctphilly, which is currently experiencing a crisis as more pets arrive at the shelter than there is room for.

By fostering BLT or another dog in our care, you’ll be transforming a life while opening up desperately needed space for us to save the next dog who needs us. PAWS provides guidance, medical care, and supplies, you provide the love! Email foster@phillypaws.org or sign up through our #linkinbio to get started.

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Gentle head bonks with Blondie 🥹 This poor girl was left at a local vet office at 11 years old, and is hoping to find a foster home where she can feel safe and loved again. The shelter has been an overwhelming place for her despite our best efforts, and she’s spent over 6 weeks hoping for a foster to take her home. Could you be the one to turn her luck around?

Blondie takes a daily medication in her food to manage her hyperthyroidism, and PAWS will provide all of her medication and care at our clinics while you foster her (along with any other supplies you might need). She’d be happiest joining a quiet household where she can be the only pet, or have a space to herself to allow for slow intros to any other pets who are also very quiet and gentle. Blondie will thank you with lots of sweet head bonks in return! Email foster@phillypaws.org to learn more ❤️

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An ottoman come to life? Nope, that’s Oliver, and he’s looking for a foster home! This friendly senior loves people and greets everyone he meets with non-stop tail wags and his signature happy dance.

Oliver is waiting on some much-needed dental work and eye surgery with PAWS, but he’s unfortunately too overweight to safely undergo the procedures he needs right now. He’d be thrilled to shed some pounds and enjoy lots of tummy rubs at your place until he’s ready for his forever home!

Oliver is friendly with people of all ages as well as other animals, and is also housebroken and crate trained. A dream guest in every sense! If you’d like to learn more about this cheerful chappie, email foster@phillypaws.org about Oliver today!

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Registration is now open for the 18th annual PAWS Mutt Strut! Don`t miss out on early-bird pricing for the most fun-filled day of the year. Join us at @navyyardphila on Saturday, October 5 for a scenic walk and family-friendly festival with games and activities, dozens of vendors, live music, great food, and more, all to benefit Philly pets who need us most. New this year: quench your thirst at our very first Mutt Strut beer garden, courtesy of @dockstreetbeer!

For a limited time, registration is just $20, so join the fun now at pawsmuttstrut.org!

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Time is running out for sweet Shae! Our special girl needs a foster or adopter by July 20 to prevent her from returning to the shelter, where her quality of life is at risk of significantly deteriorating. She’s been thriving in a foster home these last few months with a caretaker who adores her, but is only able to keep her a little while longer.

Shae is a cat whose world truly revolves around giving and receiving love, and returning to the shelter would be devastating for her. Please help us find her a home!

Shae has a medical condition that causes her bladder to leak small amounts of urine, and has remained unchanged through medication trials and specialist consults. Her home would need to have some special accommodations, but from Shae’s point of view, all she needs is your love.

Being back in a home these last few months has been an incredible gift for Shae. Her foster reports that she spends 90% of her time with her humans, and wants nothing more than to be snuggled up in your lap or by your side. Once she’s there, she’ll stay with you for hours, gazing into your eyes and making biscuits in utter bliss.

Shae’s tendency to stay put once she’s with you makes it easy to settle her onto a blanket or puppy pad. She’d need a dedicated space during the day that’s easy to clean, but still allows her to spend plenty of time with her people where she is happiest.

We’ve pursued diagnostics and specialist consults to confirm that there aren’t any treatments available to improve Shae’s condition, but she’s otherwise able to live a full life as long as she has the companionship she craves. Shae’s needs may be greater than most, but so is her capacity for love.

Shae is 4 years old, and friendly with dogs, children, and likely other calm cats as well. If you might be the special person Shae is looking for, reach out today at adoptions@phillypaws.org, or learn more at phillypaws.org/shae.

If you can’t take Shae home, you can still help by sharing this post — you never know who might see it!

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Want to shop Prime Day deals for a good cause? Grab some items on our Amazon wishlist (link in bio) to help shelter pets like Bleu! Several of our most-needed supplies are on sale, including kitten food, bully stick chews, and Churu treats.

Ps. Not an Amazon fan? Visit our bio link to shop our Chewy wishlist, or support a local partner who’s supported PAWS! Find our partners now at phillypaws.org/partner.

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With pets flooding into the city shelter, the need for fosters and adopters is at an all-time high — but even if you can’t welcome a pet home, you can still make a big difference online for pets like Billy! Here are two simple ways you can help save the lives of Philadelphia`s most vulnerable pets right now:

🐶 HELP US SPREAD THE WORD: by sharing or engaging with our posts you`re amplifying our mission, reaching folks outside of our direct audience, and helping us save more pets who need us. All it takes is one share of a sweet face to compel someone else to adopt, foster, or donate!

🐾 START AN ONLINE FUNDRAISER: Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or honoring a pet or loved one, every dollar you raise will immediately be put to work providing care, safety net support, and medical treatment to the animals who need it most. Create a fundraiser benefitting PAWS through Instagram, or create a custom fundraiser directly through our giving platform at phillypaws.org/fundraise!

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Some toe beans to brighten your morning! 💖🫘 This tiny friend is Jelly Belly, and she just arrived from @acctphilly with her mom and five siblings. Our kitten nursery is chock-full of nursing mamas and babies who are looking for loving foster homes, so if you want to save lives and snuggle lots of kittens while you’re at it, sign up today through our #linkinbio! ...

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Perfect is boring. Adopt a pet as unique as you are! With shelter intake alarmingly high, loving homes are needed now more than ever. That`s why from July 11-25, you can name your own adoption fee for any "Impurrfect" PAWS pet with an asterisk next to their name on our adoptions page!

These are cats and dogs facing longer stays with PAWS, simply because they have a common medical condition or a special preference for their home – maybe they take daily medication, have a manageable senior ailment, or would be happiest in a household that is pet-free or adults-only. So many amazing pets get overlooked just because they`re a little different — but while they might be "impurrfect", they just might be perfect for you!

PAWS specializes in great matchmaking, and offers support, guidance, and training for adopters as they welcome a new pet into their lives. Visit our adoptions page (link in bio) to meet our Perfectly Impurrfect pets. A lifetime of love could be just a few clicks away!

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Get ready to Paw It Forward! From August 6-8, we`ll invite you to celebrate the love you share with your pets by paying it forward so others can find or preserve that same joy. Be a hero to the rescued pets in our care, or a protector to community pets whose owners need support to keep them home where they belong.

To thank you for providing care to Philadelphia`s pets and families in need, we will send some right back to you! You’ll receive a special care package, full of treats for you and your pets to enjoy!

Plus, a new benefit this year: Supporters at the “Puppy Love” level and higher will receive an exclusive invitation to our first-ever Paw it Forward Summer Soirée on Thursday, August 22! Join us at a gorgeous, private Center City venue to mix and mingle with fellow PAWS donors and animal lovers who support this important cause 🐾

Want to Paw It Forward early? Make your gift now at phillypaws.org/pawitforward!

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