Lifesaving Programs

Caring for the Pets Who Need Us Most

PAWS’ lifesaving programs are designed to serve the community and meet the particular needs of the city’s most vulnerable pets through rescue, specialized veterinary care, spay/neuter, and more. Through these efforts, PAWS provides hope to homeless pets, enables owned pets to remain with their families who cherish them, and reduces the stray animal population. They are critical pieces of the puzzle to make Philadelphia a no-kill city.

Cat Rescue & Care  •  Dog Rescue & Care  •  Affordable Vet Care  •  Spay & Neuter  •  Complex Medical Cases  •  Bottle-Feeding Kittens  •  FIV+ and FeLV+ Cats  •  Dental Care  •  Ringworm Recovery  •  Hospice Care  •  Support for Pet Owners 

Cat Rescue & Care

PAWS rescues homeless cats who are most in danger: those with treatable medical or behavioral issues, mothers with kittens, and orphans who are too young for adoption. We help them get well, then place them in loving homes.

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Dog Rescue & Care

Dogs of all sizes and varieties find safe haven at PAWS: especially seniors and those with special medical needs. We give them the veterinary care they need, and then use our proven matchmaking skills to find them just the right forever home.

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Affordable Vet Care

PAWS’ clinics serve pet owners who cannot otherwise access basic veterinary care for their beloved pets. By helping sick and injured pets get healthy, and protecting others through wellness and prevention, we are keeping families together.

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Spay & Neuter

Making spay/neuter widely available has been vital to reducing Philadelphia’s homeless pet population. PAWS’ expert surgeons have spayed and neutered over 100,000 dogs and cats, setting them up for healthier lives and preventing countless litters.

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Complex Medical Cases

More and more, the shelter animals most in need of rescue have illnesses or injuries requiring specialized veterinary care. They find it at PAWS: we are dedicated to giving them all they need to heal so they can go on to enjoy the carefree lives they deserve.

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Bottle-Feeding Kittens

The tiniest and most vulnerable homeless pets are orphaned newborn kittens. PAWS’ innovative program takes a team approach to giving them the round-the-clock, intensive care they need to survive and thrive.

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FIV+ and FeLV+ Cats

Previously considered “unsavable,” cats with these manageable conditions have so much love to give. At PAWS, they find the care they need and are matched with loving adopters who are ready to help them live their best lives.

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Dental Care

Healthy mouth, healthy life! Dental care is one of the most urgently needed services for Philadelphia’s homeless pets. Many animals rescued by PAWS have painful dental disease and require surgery before they can be adopted.

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Ringworm Recovery

This common fungal infection requires methodical care to treat and contain, but it doesn’t have to stand in the way of a new life. PAWS has dedicated shelter space for pets with ringworm, and assists fosters and adopters who bring them home.

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Hospice Care

When a pet we have rescued becomes incurably ill, our veterinarians, lifesaving staff, and the foster parent form a team to provide compassionate comfort care for as long as the animal is able to enjoy their time.

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